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DiscoBeans Music is a music and events company based in the Philippines. Our entire focus revolves around our love for music: i) we create musical compositions that invoke emotions, specifically pleasure and happiness, and ii) we design and plan lavish events that feature music among other focal points. We love

Our Team has more than 20 years of experience in designing events, entertaining crowds, and creating energetic parties for our clients and their guests. If you have an upcoming party, Contact Us to transform your gathering into an innovative, sophisticated, cutting edge event that will create a life long impression you guests will never forget.

the team

Aaron Roblete

Production Coordinator + Logistics

jam magat

Event Producer + Marketing

sean dalip

DJ + Producer

Veena Dalip

Senior Event Producer

music is

Music is Love. . Music is an expression of the soul. Through its infinite rhythms, melodies, chords and arrangements, Music can make you feel love, hate, joy, want, sadness, desire, need, happiness, rage, any emotion you want…Music can change how you feel, it can change your mood, and you can feel the music take hold.
Music is Feeling. Music can surprise you, confuse you, or make everything crystal clear.

Music is Beautiful. Music is an art, and when properly composed, it is inspiring and invokes emotion. When you strip away all the marketing, advertising, the paparazzi, the hype, the stories, and all the other bullshit, you are left with just the music…the soul, the message, the feeling, and it is that feeling that gives Music its beauty. Music is the soul of the writer exposed, and in most cases it is a place that is rarely visited by strangers, hence, Music is a Gift.

Music is a Language that each and everyone of us contribute to, share together, and understand. Music is a Journey. Music can take you to a place that’s so familiar, or take you to places you’ve never been. Music is a Story. Music can tell you how it used to be, how it could be, how it is. Music brings people together. Music is Life.